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A company at the forefront of technological innovation and creative solutions for the print industry.

Kinyo is part of the Kinyosha Group, specializing in the development and
manufacture of rubber offset printing blankets, rubber coated fabric,
rubber paint and rubber and plastic coated rollers.

1930 saw the development of Japan’s first rubber roller used for high
speed rotary presses and the beginnings of Kinyo. In 1933 we developed
the rubber blanket which was to be used for offset printing. Since then
and for over more than 80 years Kinyo has become a world leader in the
manufacture of offset rubber blankets.

Our company HQ is in Tokyo Japan and we have blanket production plants
at Minori Japan and Virginia USA, which are supported by a global network
of our own Kinyo operations and specifically appointed distributors. Our
European central warehouse is near Rotterdam, our sales and conversion
facilities are in Dusseldorf Germany, Paris France, Barcelona Spain and
Leeds UK.


Kinyo UK

Our UK offices and blanket conversion is in Leeds, Yorkshire. Ideally located
to service the UK print market.

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