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Innovation, Technology and Reliability

Offset printing is highly technical due to the often complex nature of the finished products. Innovation and brand recognition are key factors which drive the development of new and exciting materials and processes. At Kinyo we design and develop products that not only meet and exceed our customers’ requirements in terms of performance but also offer maximum
value for money.

ISEGA certification for Kinyo blankets

Another first for Kinyo saw us gain ISEGA certification for the global
packaging market for many of our packaging blankets. Six Kinyo
ThermaSphere® packaging conventional, mixed & UV ink blankets now
have ISEGA approval, as safe to be used in the printing of food packaging.

Download pdfs of the certificates. ISEGA 38387/ ISEGA 38923/ ISEGA 41844

Our ECO credentials

The ever increasing demand for environmentally friendly products has
driven Kinyo to develop a range of ThermaSphere® blankets that are
manufactured using solvent free technologies, backed up by our ISO14001
accreditation. Not only is this good news for our environment it also
provides our customers with unrivalled product performance.

REACH European Union Regulation

Recent changes in legislation have led to the removal of certain raw
materials classed as SVHC (substances of very high concern). Kinyo has
taken a pro-active approach in complying with REACH regulations and is
actively working with various industry bodies to ensure all our products
stay in compliance.

ThermaSphere® Technology

At the heart of the Kinyo blanket is the revolutionary ThermaSphere®
compressible layer. This unique Kinyo development is extremely robust
and provides excellent shock absorption and recovery. ThermaSphere®
was developed for the demands of the ever changing pressroom
The benefits are:

A very robust and durable compressible layer which improves smash
resistance and enhances blanket longevity on press

Rebounds back to gauge instantly, faster recovery on press, giving
even print pressure across the printing surface on all substrates

Less press stops, more production time

Expert control of blanket gauge, offers uniform printing pressure
and consistent print quality over a longer period.

Additional ecological benefits.

A choice of 21 different types of ThermaSphere® blankets, MORE
choice for our market.