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Distributed in all five continents

Since 1933 Kinyosha Japan has been manufacturing offset printing
blankets and rubber rollers and is now the largest manufacturer of its
type in Japan. With manufacturing at four plants in Japan and also
Virginia - USA, Shenzen - China and Hanoi - Vietnam, we aim to be the
leading supplier of blankets worldwide. In addition to our manufacturing
bases we have a network of Kinyo offices and exclusive distributors
worldwide. Our European Kinyo offices and conversion facilities are
located in:

• Dusseldorf, Germany – our European headquarters
• Leeds, UK
• Paris, France
• Barcelona, Spain

Kinyo Germany GmbH

Our European HQ is located in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Kinyosha France SAS

Our Kinyo France sales office and blanket conversion facility is located in the southern suburbs of Paris, France.

Kinyosha Iberica S.L

Our Kinyo Iberica sales office and blanket conversion facility is located in the area of El Prat near Barcelona, Spain.

Kinyo Virginia

Our US HQ, our sales office and blanket manufacturing plant is located in Newport News, Virginia.

Kinyo Japan

The home of the Kinyosha Group of companies and our worldwide HQ is located in Tokyo. Also located in Japan are our Blanket and other manufacturing plants.